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SUBJECT: AGS The initails AGS stands for any given Sunday like in football it also stands for Any given series. Which was the case involving the Orioles and Rangers. This question is regarding the 4 game sweep of the team with the worst record in MLB. I made a $75 bet EVEN UP! that the Orioles finish the season with at least 72 (Soixante-douze) wins dispite having very little expectations just a short while ago all because they go into Texas SWEEPING 4 games vs a division leading club in their own ball park!! which is why I feel very safe I,m going to win my bet if the Orioles do the ONE THING: That is to stay healthy, if they do that, then I feel the Os should have absolutely NO trouble acheiving that 72 win mark. So there are three portions to this question: ONE is simple Do you agree that even against the worst team and more than halfway through the season, any team (Even the elite ball clubs) can not only lose but be SWEPT AT HOME!! any given series (AGS) by a team with a poor record?? TWO: Do you think my bet is safe knowingly they go into Texas and SWEEP 4 games and that Texas is an elite ball club?? THREE: If you still disagree with my even up bet and if you still beleive there is more than just an OUTSIDE chance at this point that Baltimore will finish the season with FEWER than the 72 wins I mentioned, could you explain why that even if with a healthy Baltimore team I still might lose??? Remember if they have 71 or fewer wins I lose the $75 but I based it all on that they go on the ROAD and sweep not just 3 but 4 games vs a very elite squad!!
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Part I: I agree with you that any team can be swept at home in a 4 game series, whether they are an elite team or a poor team. Baseball is a game where teams and players go through hot and cold streaks throughout the long season and it is not uncommon for very good teams to be swept in a 4 game series.

Part II: Considering that the Orioles are the worst team in baseball and they have only won 29 out of there 88 games, I feel that your bet is not safe.

Part III: At the Allstar Break, the Orioles record is 29-59. They have 74 games remaining in the season, thus they would have to go 43-31 the rest of the season for you to win your bet. It is highly unlikely, that the worst team in baseball is going to finish the season with a winning record. One of the main reasons is that they play in the American League East. Thus meaning they are going to be playing teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tampa Bay Rays. These are 3 of the elite teams in baseball that all will be in playoff contention. Another factor is that in September the major league rosters will expand to 40 players. This allows the Orioles to call up players from their minor league system to get major league experience. Since the Orioles will not be in playoff contention, it is likely that many of these younger players will be playing games in September. This will reduce their chances of winning games consistently to have the record you need to win your bet.

I played in the Yankees system for 7 years and actually gave up a homerun to Cal Ripken Jr. in Baltimore, so I have a pretty good insight to whether or not the Orioles are going to miraculously start winning games consistently. Good luck though, I hope you win your bet.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes I forgot to mention a couple more things. Yes the instant I made that bet, I knew or thought the Os are still going to finish the season with a 4th or 5th place finish in that A.L. East. That 72 win season for the Os would STILL be 18 games under the .500 mark which made me think I stood a good chance of winning a bet but if you still disagree then you may say so but I originally thought that after beating Texas that 72 wins didn,t seem that difficult to accomplish knowingly it is still not really that close to a .500 mark. So if you give your thoughts on that 72 is still well below that .500 season finish, I,ll be satified with the answer. I,ve seen a FEW teams in the past turn things around but I wonder how often?

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