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how much would it cost to archive my emails from Dec 09 to

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how much would it cost to archive my emails from Dec 09 to feb 2010. I am only looking for emails that came to me from my niece there are only a few probably not even 10 emails that she sent to me
It is free to archive emails to your own hard drive. Depending on your email client, for example Outlook, you should be able to search for the emails you want and drag and drop those emails into a folder on your hard drive. They will be there forever -- barring a hard drive crash!

If you need assistance in saving those particular emails to your hard drive, please let me know. The file extensions are either *.msg or *.eml files depending on your email client.

The most common email clients are Outlook or Thunderbird. If you are using Gmail or Yahoo email, you will want to connect to that service using an email client and copy them from there.

I can walk you through this if necessary, write me back.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Actually that is more than I care to do to retrieve them. I was doing a favor for her brother but it is not THAT important I appreciate your response
No problem! I will use that last response, then, as my ANSWER. If you are satisfied with my response, please ACCEPT and leave FEEDBACK. It's how we get paid. Thanks!
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