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how do you cook a large number of steaks (as for 30 or more

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how do you cook a large number of steaks (as for 30 or more diners) and have them all ready at the same time med-rare?
Hi, welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question!

Generally, the only way to have 30 steaks cooked to the same degree at the same time requires sufficient ovens or grills to do so. It depends slightly on what kind of event you are doing this for. I've never seen a steak in a chafing dish in a buffet line, so I doubt you're doing that. If this is for a sit-down dinner where diners are being served at the table, then it is acceptable for there to be a slight lag in service from section to section. Most diners understand the limited capabilities of kitchens, depending on the venue. Another idea is to let the cooked steaks warm in another oven while the others are being prepared (but that doesn't make much sense, as you would probably be using any oven to broil the steaks). I don't recommend letting a steak sit under a heat lamp or in a chafing dish as this will have undesired effects. If you absolutely have to have them all done at the same time at med-rare and don't have the equipment to do so you might have to cut corners a bit and let the meat rest for different periods of time. Steak should rest after cooking for 3-5 minutes to retain its juiciness. Have your wait staff help you out a bit too--by that I mean they can only move so fast. Have them spend a bit more time on greeting the diners and making sure all is well before returning to the kitchen for the next set of plates. Hope this helps!

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dear Mr. Taylor: I am willing to accept your answer, but should indicate that it seemed a little thin. I was hoping that someone with large catering experience can explain how a hotel reception or other large venue manages to produce dozens to hundreds of steaks that are generally palatable. If you hit upon that, then I would be grateful to hear what you dig up. Otherwise, I am satisfied with my first experience with just answer.


John Tsukayama
Hi John,

Thanks for your reply and additional info. Hotels and large venues are able to make use of large, talented staff and extraordinary amounts of equipment (especially those producing food for buffet-style dining like in Vegas hotels). In these kinds of hotels staff often cook steaks on a grill to order for a guest, rather than just cooking several and throwing them in the buffet line under warmers. A chef will have a large number of steaks grilling at once and when a diner comes to the line they will pull off the steak that is cooked to the level they desire. Also, considering the high heat cooked over in professional kitchens, steaks can be prepared in minutes rather than the longer time it takes for us to prepare them at home. I'm glad you use the term "generally palatable". Of course, the quality of the steak depends not upon the cut itself, but its preparation. If a kitchen is turning out hundreds of steaks all at once, you can rest assured, in all but the rarest of cases, that some degree of quality is being compromised. Thanks again for coming to Just Answer and best wishes!

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX hope we can do business together again.