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Why did Ethiopia intervene into Somalia in 2006

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Why did Ethiopia intervene into Somalia in 2006?
Do you need the answer to this question as an assignment or is it just a simple question?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm beginning a thesis with no access to a professor until it's written. So I'm just looking for a little insight from somebody who might be familiar with East African politics (or able to fool me effectively).
Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in Somalia invited Ethiopians to intervene, although that later became an unpopular decicion and further weakened their government.



Ethiopia initially intervened in December 2006 to save the interim government there and to thrust back forces of fundamentalist Islam in Africa, a concern shared by America.

However, the backlash was severe - bodies of dead Ethiopian soldiers were dragged through Mogadishu , the same soldiers who were foreign insurgents and suppose to save Somalia. In October 2008, Ethiopia began to pull out troops from Somalia. Intervention of Ethiopia resulted in thousands of civilian casualties, and since this was a U.S. back insurgency, US support for the Ethiopian intervention created a groundswell of anti-West sentiment in Somalia.

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