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I just bought an antique violin. In the inside it says VINCENT

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I just bought an antique violin. In the inside it says
VINCENT PANORMO Rae de I'Arbre-Sec a` Paris 17 in the case their's a paper that says Black Dimond strings the worlds best condition of the violin needs some repair but intact
case has wear and needs repair to hinges. The bow seems to be made of hoarse hairs and is in very good shape Just was wondering if anyone could tell me the approximate $value that the violin and the case is worth?
It seems that 'Paris 17' is incomplete, and there should be two more digits to it to complete the date - this would mean that it belongs to 1700s. If you look it up on Maestronet price history guide, it states that a Panormo violen is around $35,000.

I would recommend that you should contact a violen shop, so they can give you the right price of this valuable.

Best of luck.

Edited by allknower on 6/20/2010 at 1:08 PM EST
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