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How do you find what time dawn was on 5/7/1957

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How do you find what time dawn was on 5/7/1957
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

Dawn is a fuzzy concept, it's the time light start to appear before sunrise. The amount of cloud and humidity in the air can impact this a lot. For a cat, as they see well in the dark, i guess they get dawn before us :)

Some astronomical software allow simulation of dawn at a particular point in time at a particular spot on the planet. Easier is this calculator: link. Dawn is in the little white rectangle on the right and you can get more detailed info with the link bellow it.

Depending of how you interpret dawn, you will see the astronomical,nautical and civil difference at this link

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I don't need the exact time. I need about what time dawn was in Massachusetts. On 5/7/1957.
I already know there are varables. Is there a place I can
go to research the time estimate of dawn.
$9 for you to share info that is not helpful is VERY
frustrating. I'm not someone who has money or a
job even, so spending $9 to ask for help was huge.
I'd actually like something for my money, not a
reason why you can't give me a perfect answer.
Thanks for understanding.
That is the link i gave you :)

Click this link (i entered the data for you)

You will see it was at 04:41. If you want a more precise time, you can enter a more precise location/town. Just let me know if you still have a problem.
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