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If im 23 and I want to have a fresh-start college carreer,

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If i'm 23 and I want to have a "fresh-start" college carreer, Is it my SAT (from 2004) score enough transcript material?

Hi and thanks for your question.


Unfortunately your transcripts from your current college career will follow you to the new college. All admission departments require college transcripts if you have taken any courses past high school. Colleges are normally interested the most in your most recent scholarly work, so while they might want to see your SAT scores, they would base a decision more so on your earned college credits and current GPA. Your best bet is to contact a couple of schools you're interested in attending and find out exactly what kind of guidelines they have for admissions. Talk to an actual admissions counselor, not a student worker who sits behind the desk for 6-8 hours per week. They might grant you admission on a "probationary" status where you would have a certain amount of time (normally 1-2 full semesters) to improve your GPA to their minimum standards.


As I'm re-reading your question, it's sounding like you might be saying you don't have any college credits, you are just trying to get into college based on your HS performance. If that's the case you could do what many other people do and start at the community college or junior college level. Many students, even those who have no problem getting into a 4-year school, start at the junior college level to get their "basics" out of the way. A junior college is also much less expensive and has much less stringent admission policies. You could spend a year or so there, build up your college-level GPA, get a lot of required classes done for cheap and then apply to a 4-year school as a transfer student.


In the case of transcripts, normally you would have to contact your HS and ask them to send a copy of your transcripts to the college you are applying to. It must be an official copy, so they have to mail it rather than you picking it up. SAT would have to be requested from that company. I hope this gives you some good ideas on where to start--best of luck!


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i have taken some college courses, and the low GPA i have, is from a community college i attended. Should i use these credits and transfer to the new college (which is going to get me super behind in order to transfer to a 4 year college later on)? or should i try to apply with my high school transcripts and request not to transfer those credits from this community college (the one that i attended)?

Sorry if this sounds the same question i just want to be sure!

Jose A. Galue
No problem, thanks for your reply.

As I was saying before, I don't know of any 4-year college that won't request transcripts, regardless if they were from a community college or 4-year college. You'll have to ask the admissions department at whatever school you want to go to exactly what they need. Ask them if you can keep your college transcripts out of it and be judged for admission only on your SAT and high school transcripts. I doubt they would allow this but you could try.

You actually wouldn't be behind, as you said, if you went back to a community college. The point is to have a plan. Figure out the 4-year school you want to go to and the degree you wish to get. Obtain a copy of that school's degree requirements for that specific degree, then find out which credits from the community college will be accepted at the 4-year college and take those classes at the community college. Normally the classes are a bit easier there than at a 4-year school also. You'll have to have those credits for your degree either way--so as long as you have to take them, why not take them at a community college where it will be cheaper, admission isn't as difficult and they will probably be a bit easier? When you improve your GPA enough at the end of a year or two you'll have a much better chance of transferring into the 4-year college AND you'll have your basics done which will shorten the amount of time you have to spend at the 4-year school. A bachelor's degree takes 4 years for most people--some people do all four years at college, others do half at community college then transfer to 4-year college for the other half. Same amount of time, same result, and the degree says the same thing for you that it would for somebody who did all four years there.

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