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E442534 is the serial number on a Model 1897 12 gauge. I was

Resolved Question:

E442534 is the serial number on a Model 1897 12 gauge. I was wondering the year of manufacture and the significance of the "E". Thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.
Hi, thanks for your question!

After doing some research on this it looks as if your shotgun was made between 1909-10. The "E" you mention at the beginning of the serial number indicates that it was the latest and last variant of the 1897 series. Several changes were made to the original design in this E series, which came after about 50,000 guns were made. The design remained the same from this point on until manufacture of this model ceased in 1957 (after production of over 1 million of this model). Here's a webpage with some additional information on the E denotation:

As for value, $400 sounds like a good starting point for this model and vintage. If it sold for that, you shouldn't be disappointed. Remember that the sheer number of these guns made means you won't see most going for a significant amount of money. Of course, buyer demand and the condition of your gun will determine the ultimate value. An auction is a good way to judge that. Try searching other gun auctions online with the same model and close to the same vintage for comparisons.

Here is the wikipedia page for this gun, where you'll find a table listing the different grades of your model (each model had a specific purpose).

Again, thanks for coming to Just Answer. If you need more information or clarification please press Reply. If my answer was helpful to you please press Accept. Thanks and best wishes!

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