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My name it Connie Johnson. I have just released my autobiography

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My name it Connie Johnson. I have just released my autobiography of living with OCD (and living successfully), through a publisher in New York City. How can I share this story with those who may find it helpful? I also cover anxiety disorder, bulimia, and depression. I was born with all of these, in 1947 in the United States. The book is aimed at female baby boomers in western society. I am now 63, and have fostered a successful educational program within Australia for teaching music to babies. I ended up living here because I married our high school exchange student from Adelaide, South Australia. My book is an easy read with alot of helpful ideas, and includes adoption of a newborn infant, learning to teach the blind, moving around the world, getting married in one days notice with a full church wedding, alot of funny experiences as an exchange student. I am contactable [email protected] and am happy to send a copy of this book to anyone able to help me get it out there.


To get your book out to the people who would benefit reading it, your publicist needs to hit the TV Talk Shows. There are several in particular that would not only boost your sales, but would get the book out to the people who would benefit from reading it. I can name several TV shows in the US that an appearance and the book would make a hit. The first show would be Dr Phil . He has a show on the ABC network and deals with many topics covered in your book. He show deals with many of the issues you mention that you have covered in your book. This is a link to his website: it does have contact information. Oprah show is another who would explore the issues as described in the book. Oprah even has a book club where she promotes books. The Dr OZ show These shows and Hosts are the top people to whom you would want to get a copy of your book. OCD is an important topic as many well known people are living with it. Many people do not know what OCD is, but are actually fighting a battle with an unknown demon so to speak. It sounds like your book can bring the problem to the forefront. I understand about OCD as my husband has fought a battle with it since he was young and is still fighting the demons.

I hope this information may be what you are looking for. If not please let me know and I will opt out and see if another expert can assist you. Joan

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This is a follow up, no need to accept again.

I wanted to thank-you for the accept and to let you know, even living in Australia, the book is very relevent world wide. If these TV shows are contacted they can do satellite interviews or even fly you into to the States for the show. I think it would be a great vehicle to get the word out about the book and to help people with understanding the OCD. I wish you much sucess on the book! Joan

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