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I need to find an affordable apartment for 1 person 1 bedroom

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I need to find an affordable apartment for 1 person: 1 bedroom at least 800 sq ft. I'm on a limited budget. Can't pay no more than $650/month & that's stretching it. I only bring home $1622 a month. I'm looking in this area: Rockwall, Rowlett, North Dallas, Plano, TX
Contact the Dallas Office of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department if you are looking for low-income housing:

They will let you know if you qualify. Otherwise, try looking on Craigslist at the no-fee apartments, or check the classified section of your newspaper. I also know that, in some areas, they have catalogs of apartment listings at the grocery store, next to the newspaper stands. You might want to check that.
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