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I am making mustard that i want to sell to the public with

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I am making mustard that i want to sell to the public with the following ingredients:condensed milk,vinegar and mustard powder.Do i need to put in any presarvatives?

How are you planning to process it?

Thank you.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Anna,this is an old recipe used by my grandmother and I'm sure hers also.I don't know where you are from or whether you know condensed milk.On the can it says it is made from full cream milk and sugar.I take small amounts of spirit brown vinegar and mustard powder and mix them thoroughly and then add the condesed milk and mix that thoroughly.That is it!I mix it by hand and put it into a container and into the fridge.I have given some people samples of it and they are mad about it,so I want to start selling more of it-to shops,etc.That is why I want to know if I need to put any preservatives in the mustard?

I'm in the USA, and am familiar with condensed milk. It would be best to include a preservative for safety purposes, especially since the mustard isn't heat processed in any way. Ascorbic acid would work, and is often available where home canning supplies are sold. Pharmacies also have it. The sugar does work as a preservative, too, but when selling to the public, it's best to be cautious.

You should also check into local and national regulations governing the sale of homemade food products. It may be different in South Africa, but here, it isn't legal to sell such products without a license and periodic inspections. I wouldn't want you to run into legal trouble, so do check first.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Anna,I am satisfied with your answer and appreciate your willingness to help me.I followed the instructions(pushing the accept answer button) but it then says access denied on the next screen.I am new with computers and the internet so I really don't know how to see that you are paid as agreed when I started on this sight?Can you help?
Thank you for letting me know about the problem. you did it right, and it should have worked, but didn't. I'll let one of the moderators know, and they should be able to get it straightened out. thank you again.


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