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How do i go about recording stories etc. for the blind

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How do i go about recording stories etc. for the blind
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

In what country are you. Do you want to do it as a hobby or a job?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Martin,


I live in Scotland and am a semi retired actress. I thought I could put my talent to good use and am looking on it as voluntary. If they want to pay me though then that's ok!

What you can do is to go at a library and check some audio book. Each of them most often include the audio production company right at the start and the way to contact them at the end (also on the package). Those are the one that would pay. You could browse lot of audio book at and for the production company names and contacts (Simon & Schuster come to my mind).

To reach that, you could build a portfolio by contributing to that group: Some of the book posted there are awfully produced but some are really good, i guess it's going to be better with time.

You can get plenty of public domain book to read at

You can also contact directly and ask how you can help.

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