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Greg Maxey
Greg Maxey, Consultant\Microsoft Word Expert
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Hi, I would like to create a Word template that dynamically

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Hi, I would like to create a Word template that dynamically changes part of its form content based on a combo box selection. IE, I have a section of the document which is a form, but there are actually several derivatives of that form, and which derivative is displayed depends on what option the user selects in a combo box. Is such a thing possible, and if so, any idea how to go about it?

Based on your limited description I would say that such a thing is likely possilbe. By "form" I assume you mean a protected (or online form). You could create and save the different deriavatives of the form as autotext entries. You could then present a UserForm containing the combobox when a new document is created using the template. When the user makes a selection and executes, you would used VBA code to unlock the form, insert the appropriate AutoText content, re-lock the form and present it to the user.



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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Greg, this is pretty darn close. Can you clarify two bits? (1) The auto-text entries can contain form fields themselves, correct? And (2) the UserForm you refer to, is that actually IN the document created when the user opens the template file, or is that like a pop-up dialog that appears before the rest of the document is displayed when the user opens the template file?

1. Correct.

2. The UserForm is not in "IN" the document, but a separate dialog presented with and AutoNew macro in the template. See: