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Im 24 year old, and my level of education is very low. I think

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I'm 24 year old, and my level of education is very low. I think that my level in secular studies are just as a child in fifth grade.. Now, i'm looking for any way how to get today the education I missed. So i'm looking for a cheap way to reach by myself at least the level of eighth grade, and than I'll be able to enroll in a high school program. Dose anybody have an idea for me what I can do, without spending too much muny for tutors... Please halp me. Anybody..
HelloCustomer and welcome back to JustAnswer.

I think it's wonderful that you would like to 'catch up' on the education you feel you missed, in order to better yourself and your chances for more success, in the future!

You should be able to find an adult education program near you, offered either during the day and/or at night, for adults who have not completed their course of basic elementary education, through your local school system. Classes such as these are typically given in 'Community Schools' and/or in your local High School. Basic subjects like English, Reading, Math, History and Science are usually covered in these courses.

Contact your local school district office and/or any local High School to ask about these courses for adults, near where you live.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Edited by Cher on 3/24/2010 at 4:08 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank u so much for answering. Now, I'm sorry for my little knowledge, that even this little information is not so clear for me... So please halp me understand it more:


1). what is a "community school", and where can I find it?


2). can I just enter any local high school, and ask them for elementary education for an adult, and they will be able to halp me?


3). what subjects are necessary to know before entering high school. Are Reading, Math, History and Sience enough? Don't I nead to learn first some social studies, music, or some other studies, in order to be able to continue with high school?

Maybe if I'll give more information about me, you will be able to help me better. So I live in Brooklyn, N.Y. (11219). Maybe can u tell me where to find the help that I need in my area. I hope I'm not making u crazy, but I'm just getting lost by not knowing from where to start... So I really appreciate your help, and I'm waiting for your response.


Thanks for now.

Hi again, and thanks for your reply.

Thank you for letting me know your location; this will make it easier for me to research some adult education programs for you. Also, I'm familiar with NYC because I am a former New Yorker and a teacher.

A Community School is similar to a High School for adults, with classes in continuing education and English as a Second Language, etc., usually held in a High School or other school building. Some areas have them, so do not. The courses given in High Schools are usually at night (because people are working during the day) and only for adults. Yes, English (including reading/writing/language arts), Math, Science, and Social Studies are considered the 'core' subjects and music, art, etc., are considered 'electives'. First, you concentrate on the core subjects and then you will have an opportunity to take some electives, depending upon the program you are enrolled in.

Please allow me some time to research programs that may be available in your local school district which would be beneficial for your situation, and then I'll get back to you (most likely on Wed.) Thanks.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No problem. I'll wait, and I really really thank u for your help. So what am I supposed to do right now, just to exit the site and open it again tomorrow, or I am supposed to do something first that the question shouldn't be transferd automatically? Does the question stay on hold by itself, or I have to do something?
Hi again, and you're most welcome.

Yes, you don't have to do anything right now; you can exit the site and sign back in again, tomorrow.Your question will stay on hold by itself for at least 24 hours from now, but I will answer you before then. As you can see, I'm online late at night, and log back on in the early afternoon, so I'll need to do some research for you, and will get back to you with an answer tomorrow in the afternoon. You will receive an email when I send my answer.

Have a great night and I'll speak with you tomorrow (well, actually, later today! : ))

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank u so much. You are really wonderful.


See u later today/tomorrow Smile. Good night.

You're most welcome; it's my pleasure to help you.

Good night! : )

Cher (no need to reply)
Hi again,

I've found the following information for you re: adult education in your area:

Scroll down to see areas 7, 8 and 9 in Brooklyn, along with the address, neighborhoods, and phone numbers.

This will also provide some additional information about the adult education programs:

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Best wishes,
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