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how to clean marked picquot ware - professional charges are

Resolved Question:

how to clean marked picquot ware - professional charges are too much for me
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  M.Arch replied 7 years ago.
HelloCustomer and thank you for your question.

Picquot Ware is made of magnailium, which is an alloy that is polished, not plated, so the mirror-like finish is fairly easily maintained.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning in HOT water, and polishing to dry with a soft, dry cloth - a silver polishing cloth is appropriate.
DO NOT put Piquot Ware in the dishwasher!
DO NOT use any detergents on the outside of the items. This will dull the finish.
You can use denture washing tablets or even brillo soap pads to clean the INSIDE of the item, to remove stains, but be very careful not to spill these products on the outside finish.

If the outside of the item is stained or discolored, the manufacturer recommends use of Reckitt's Silvo, but cautions that this is very messy and that you should wear gloves while working with it.
Rinse in clean, hot water, and polish dry, with dry, soft cloth.

If your set is badly scratched then professional cleaning and polishing is advisable.

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Thank you.
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