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Our daughter has been out of school 8 weeks with a medical

Resolved Question:

Our daughter has been out of school 8 weeks with a medical condition, of which I kept the school informed. After 3 weeks of being out, when I asked about a tutor they sent us a notice that without her returning to school the next day, she would be reported to SARB. Now that the dr wants her to return to school half day, as she is not fully well, they wanted to change her schedule so that all classes would be changed and she would attend only core classes. Her dr and psychologist (since she has become depressed and anxious due to the medical condition) do not want the schedule changed but instead ask that she be allowed to return to her standard schedule, with familiar teachers, friends, and syllubus. At that request, the school balked. Psychologist recommended asking for a 504 and now the school says 2 weeks before "meeting" and then spring break. Can I just send her to school half days and then pickup at lunch w/o ramifications meanwhile? What can I do to support her?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.

What grade is your daughter in?

Is it possible for her to attend a half day of school and go to all her classes at this time? In other words, if she were to attend half a day, which half/which classes?

Does her schedule change daily, or is the period/class schedule the same, every day?

What, if anything, has the school done to help, in this situation?

Thanks for all your additional detail.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
she's in 8th grade. After 4 weeks of our calling her in sick, sending them dr notes and having the nurse coordinate med approvals with our drs so she could take rx upon return, we still could not send daughter to school due to her condition not improved enough. Currently the dr thinks it is possible for her to go to half a day of school, but since her gastro issues are aggravated by stress the drs don't want her to have to adjust to a whole new schedule. Half a day of her classes would allow for social studies and science in the am, with her math and english in the pm (schedule is the same daily). So our hope is that after 8 weeks of being out, if she can handle half days for a week we would try to up it as soon as we can (or when she can tolerate it). Or change it to part of her week as half days in am, other 2 days as half days attended in the pm. Currently the school has begrudgingly allowed for the home schooling, and now only wants to allow her to come back to school with all new classes and them all the core (english, math, science and social studies). I think so they can get full funding for her attendance. By the way she is an A student. So as we work this issue out, can I just send her to school and not get the 504 in place but just pick her up daily at school at lunch time? And advise her, plus put in writing, school staff other than teachers are not to talk to her (principal would add stress by trying to talk to her). Her neurologist and other docotrs are concerned that she's getting depressed and anxious being at home so long, and want her to try the half day "as tolerated" When I asked for that they initially said they'd look at it, but when I turned down the change in all her classes, the 504 was pushed back two weeks, the day before the one week spring break. I feel like we're being punished. Any suggestions regarding rights and/or recourse?
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.
Hi again, and thanks for your reply.

I can understand your frustration with this situation for your daughter. I don't think it's allowed for you to pick her up at lunchtime, if the school has not agreed to this plan. However, it seems that she would be a good candidate for the home/hospital schooling program that should be offered by your school district. If that is what she currently has now, although you feel she is missing the social interaction by not attending her classes in person, it might be a good idea to continue with it until the end of this school year, so she doesn't miss the year completely. Each school district has different regulations, etc., but at this point, it doesn't sound as if the school is being very cooperative and understanding of your daughter's condition and situation.

Your daugthter does not have to speak with the Principal, only you should speak with him/her and also speak with your daughter's guidance counselor, to find the best solution to help her finish out the school year.

While I can understand you not wanting her schedule changed, because it may add more anxiety to her existing situation, the school may feel it's only important for her to attend her CORE classes, because these are the most important. You are probably right, that they offered this to continue to receive funding for her attendance.

The plan you are proposing, re: a few days a week in the AM and a few in the PM, for her to attend 1/2 day, but attend all her classes, will most likely not be approved by the school. However, if you were to request all classwork/homework be sent home with a sibling, friend, or if you were to pick it up, she could probably do her work at home with your help and her textbooks, or enrolled in the home-school program for students with medical problems, as mentioned above. This program, in the State where I live (FL), saved my son from missing his first year of High School (9th grade), when he developed pancreatitis and was hospitalized for almost 6 months. He was assigned a 'teacher' who would drop off and pick up work weekly, and work with him on anything he was experiencing a problem with. In addition, he attended 'classes' by phone (on a speaker phone loaned to us by this School's program) and interacted in this way with students and teachers.

Your daughter could still have social interaction with friends during the school week and on weekends, if she is not able to attend school in a conventional manner at this time.
I can't directly answer your question re: the 504 plan, because that would be up to the school/school district. Perhaps you should speak to someone on your local school board and/or at the school district office about the best way to help your daughter salvage the year and not be stressed by any major changes. If she is changed from the Advanced English class to Regular English, I agree that this would be a change for the better, with less stress, but that would involve a schedule/teacher change, also, I'm assuming. I don't see how the school can deny her this change, if it is in her best interest, medically. I do think you need to speak to someone above the Principal, to get the best plan in place to meet your daughter's current educational and medical needs.

I wish you and your daughter all the best and hope all will be well with her health.

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