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Martin, Engineer
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I came across a very unusual patch today at an estate sale.

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I came across a very unusual patch today at an estate sale. It is vintage and still in it's original wrapper (obviously with no markings). It's approx. 2"x3". It looks like an American flag, BUT it's green with white stripes. The rectangular location where the "stars" would be normally be on the american flag is also green with what appears to be a large letter "O" with a horizontal crossbar bi-secting it. This letter/symbol takes up most of the green rectangular area. IF this helps any there was another patch with it in the identical packaging but it was the old school red, white and blue hand peace sign. Whether these are related or not I do not know, but maybe it will help.
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

This is called the ecology flag, you can learn more about it's origin at this link: (click me). I hope this answer well your question. You can wear that without shame :)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Martin and thank you. I looked and looked but could not find this info. I was even on Wikipedia :-)


My wife told me NOT to use this service but I just had to know. The curiosity was killing me and unfortunately her profit. We sell vintage stuff on ebay, but to tell you the truth it was worth it. Hopefully the patch will sell for more than $9. LoL.


Anyway, no regrets and thanks again. BTW, this is the first time I have used this service. I did not accept your answer because I wasn't sure that if I did that I would be allowed to write you back. Please respond to this and I will accept your answer.

Yes, you can always get back to the question for a follow up even after you clicked on accept.

Wikipedia is a good resource but sometime you need professionals to find information. It's easy getting lost and wasting (in time) lot more than $9 :)
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