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How do I price my items for selling on ebay. I have designer

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How do I price my items for selling on ebay. I have designer purses that are slightly used and in great condition. Also a few new ones without tags that have never been used. The prices are between 300. - 1200.
Hi and thanks for your question!

Normally people go to eBay to get their items sold (hopefully), so pricing your items with that in mind is your first step. Generally you can do one of two things.

1. Place the "opening bid" at the lowest acceptable price you will take for it. Therefore if you get at least one bid, you will be happy with getting that amount. Keep in mind, in my experience, buyers will often shy away from a high opening bid, even though it may well exceed that price eventually.

2. I've found this to be the better way: List a low opening bid price--not 99 cents, but something reasonable. For a $300 purse, I'd say around $50. Then set a "reserve price" that will be the lowest acceptable price you would take to sell the item. Customers can't see the reserve, only if the bids have met the reserve price or not. With a lower opening bid you can get many more individuals interested, and often, depending on the desire of your product, you can get a bidding war going and get a much better price in the end.

If your items are indeed new, never used, tags and all, make sure to make that known in your listing. If you can compete with another retailer's new price for the same item, your item will sell. Check ebay to see if they have any other similar or identical items and see how they are priced. I always do this before listing something and find a much better rate of success!

Please reply if I can help you further. If I've been helpful, please press accept! Thanks and best wishes!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you B. Taylor for your answer. I have a pretty good idea now. My only questions is...How do I price a new item with no tag? We are still talking about Designer Handbags like a Vivienne Westwood Handbag?
Since this wouldn't be a "collectors item" I don't think it would be too big of a deal to a buyer that tags were missing. Just be honest in your item description about the item condition, why tags were removed, etc. Be sure to take good photographs as well to show there is no wear of any kind to the bag. If you are new to eBay and don't have any positive feedback you will have to be extra detailed to gain the trust of a potential buyer. If you do have feedback and a good feedback score you can remind buyers in your description of this. I have a 100% positive score on eBay and always tell buyers they can trust my honesty and integrity due to this.

To be more specific with your follow up question, I don't think there is a need to price the item any less than you would of one with tags. You might also consider spending a few extra dollars (since these are high dollar items) to use some of the extra advertising features eBay offers you in the listing. Make your bags stand out to others and you should have pretty good luck. Remember, unless these are in high demand, don't expect to make retail back on these. Think of eBay as less of a store front and more of a pawn shop in regards XXXXX XXXXX setting and you should do pretty well. The items that don't sell are the ones where sellers put too high of a price on them. Start bidding low, set a decent reserve and even consider buy-it-now and best offer add ons. If you have exactly what somebody is looking for they may not hesitate to buy your item for a hefty price with buy it now.

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