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How much does a 5 drawer metal file cabinet with combination

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How much does a 5 drawer metal file cabinet with combination locking safe weigh?

Thank you for using Just Answer. It would depend on the length and width of the cabinet. This one weighs 170 lbs. This one weighs 136 (that also says five drawers, but the picture only shows four). I think this is probably closer to what you are looking for, and it weighs 209 lbs.

And, of course, should said filing cabinet be full of files, it would weigh a significant amount more.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Lucy, Thank you for your answer. I will accept it. Unfortunately, it came too late. If you sent it it earlier, I just didn't get it. I had bought such a file at auction and needed an estimate of weight so that I would know what equipment and assistance I would need to collect the item. The actual weight of the unit, empty, is 675 lbs. My assistant and I were able to move the item and it is now in my possession. I was disappointed in the speed, or lack thereof, in receiving the answer. But, if you will be so kind as to ignore my errors in grammar and spelling, I'll not complain of delay. Thank you JHMooney