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I desperately need an $8000.00 dollar loan to pay back to a

Customer Question

I desperately need an $8000.00 dollar loan to pay back to a friend. He loaned my the money for some repair work I had done on my house and the company that I paid the money to have disappeared without doing the work. I just want to pay my friend back what I owe him in one lump sum, because this has been drawn out for so long and I think I've lost his friendship and I never meant for this too happen. I'm very serious about this. It means a lot to me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Maurice replied 7 years ago.



Its no point beating yourself up over this situation where you have been let down by others, its a lesson for you to learn in terms of how you will handle money to be paid to others in the future, and that is to be cautious always.


Your friend is no doubt aware of your situation and as much as you want to pay back a lump sum - sometimes even paying back small installments at a $100 or $50 at a time goes towards the goodwill and intentions you have.


When you are in the position to increase the payments than do so, but I would think that until then, something is better than nothing and your friend should appreciate that - after all, they have learned a valuable lesson as well to not mix money and friendship.


I trust this information is of assistance and that you will kindly accept my answer as I do wish you the best in this matter