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how can i confirm that a US marine soldier i met online isreal

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how can i confirm that a US marine soldier i met online isreal and actually serving in afghanistan ? i dont want to be scammed as it has happened to me before . i have his name and rank and the camp he is based at, also photos. he wants me to subscribe to a site called so he can phone me , but i have to pay to subscribe and im worried it may b ea scam as i have to make a payment thru western union. any ideas how i can validate his identity or that of the site he asking me to subscribe too?
thank you debbie
sorry i forgot to mention that i am english, live in england so dont know much about what sort of comms links US soldiers have to friends and family.


This is a SCAM - there are dozens of sites on the web documenting this site type of scam. There is no reason that you would need to send anyone money to allow them to call you. If you provide information to this individual you will be sorry.

Edited by FamilyPhysician on 2/27/2010 at 10:44 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

please can you verify that the website is a scam website? please can you tell me if you know what sort of telephone calls US marines are allowed to receive or send when they are in afghanistan? im so upset he may have deceived me, he was so believable. any more info you can give me i would truly appreciate.

thank you debbie woodhouse is a valid company. HOWEVER, the request for money to be sent via Western Union is a scam.

Here is one of the sites that confirms my answer:

Just to make everyone aware that this is now getting worse, scammers are hitting and English dating site targeting women ( and I suppose Men too), they chat to you for few days, send flowers declare undying love, they say they are contractors in Kabul and that there are no communications services, they ask you to register [email protected], this organization is using military logos and the logo from TS2 satellite. You are then requested to deploy £145 through Great Western Union.[color=red] I could have been a victim but chose to send the email to TS2 direct and they confirmed the scam[/com], they are using stolen credit cards to send flowers and saying they know military personnel, the person that contacted me was supposedly called XXXXX XXXXXdler and the msn address [email protected] the personnel they claimed to know in Kabul was Smith Anderson. I have reported this.;topic=13306.0

This is just a new version of the classic "Nigerian scam" in which unsuspecting individuals befriend or romance targets in order to get them to send money or financial information (bank accounts, credit cards) - which are then used to defraud/steal from the target.

PLEASE do not fall for this.

I have friends stationed in Afghanistan an I can assure you that they can make phone calls to their friends/family without having someone send them money or using
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