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needing help with exchange rates US dollar verus Japan Yen.

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needing help with exchange rates US dollar verus Japan Yen. I have the U.S. $ Equivalent rate but not sure how to figure out.
The current exchange rate:

$1 = 90.20 Japanese Yen
1 Japanese Yen = $0.011 (or 1.1 cent)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No. I have to use what out book says the rate is and I need to learn how to figure the amount. Our book reads Japan (yen) is .009035 under U.S. $ Equivalent. Now do I divide 1US dollar by .009035 and that tells me how much yen I have?
Oh... I'm sorry

YES, to change from the Yen to dollar rate to a dollar to Yen rate - you get the answer.

1/.009035 = 110.68068622025
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

One more thing before I accept I want to clarify this to make sure I am on the right track for this assignment.

If I have to have 100,000 yen for a payment I would have to spend 11,068,068.62 US dollars at the exchange rate of .0090035?

I get a SLIGHTLY different answer; $11106791.80 with the exchange rate that you now gave (note, there is an extra "0") .0090035

That answer is correct if you used the original exchange rate of .009035.

Be sure you have the right exchange rate!
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