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Michael Hannigan
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Will my ex-girlfriend (Life-Partner) ever be a couple again

Resolved Question:

Will my ex-girlfriend (Life-Partner) ever be a couple again or is my erectile dysfunction too much for her to cope with ?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  replied 7 years ago.

Only she knows the answer to that.


If she's superficial and only interested in slobbing a knob every now and then as opposed to creating and achieving mutual goals with a lifelong partner, then she is probably intellectually and emotionally incapable of overlooking the fact the you need at least a few minutes of preparation to bang her in favor of the greater things in life.


In order to have a life partner you'll be happy with, I think you'd be best off with someone that has the maturity not to give a crap that you have to pop a pill or squeeze a pump when you expect to be knocking boots. Even if you have no means by which to stiffen your member, a mature woman could still get by. If you want proof, look at the abundance of lesbians out there that spend every day of their lives penis-free - Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno are a couple of examples that come to mind.


So in short - who cares if she can cope with it? Probably not or she'd be doing it now. The fact that you're asking the question tells me that you should let the trollop go so she can bounce from hard penis to hard penis, while you find something/someone truly fulfilling to spend your time with. If she comes back to you, let her know that you can't take her back because sticking your member in something so large that it can't touch all four sides at the same time only contributes to your ED condition.

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