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Hello The problem is when I send a email to Oprah Winfrey

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The problem is when I send a email to Oprah Winfrey asking her to do a show on urgently needed family counseling, she never answers. It has been over fourteen months since I first wrote to her, and although Harpo Studios said they received my email they never answer. Then they tell me to write again in four months if I don't get an answer although I'm not on a waiting list.

I have asked several of my classmates to write a letter to Oprah Winfrey regarding a idea for a show that will bring attention to the serious need to generate support for family counseling. So far none of my classmates have written a letter to her. I'm considering sending a email to Jesse Jackson of Operation Push asking that he send a request to Oprah Winfrey asking her to do a show on family counseling.

I have a PDF copy of the letter addressed to Oprah c/o WLS TV that I've asked classmates to print out, sign and mail. What would be the best way to go about requesting help from Jesse Jackson.

Thanks for your question. The truth is, people like Oprah get thousands of requests from viewers each year for, among other things, show topics. While there may be a number of good topics sent in, few will actually be selected. Talk shows like Oprah's get their topics in a number of ways, but often most are selected with input by producers and the host.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX Jackson, most of the issues he gets involved with are major issues, not the programming of a talk show. He most often is seen dealing with political and social injustices, as he sees fit. That said, probably the best way to contact him is through the Rainbow Push Coalition, where he is the founder and president.

Rainbow Push Coalition

c/o Jesse Jackson, Sr., President

930 E. 50th St.



Best of luck!

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