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quest net islam me haram hai ya halal hai.please help me

Resolved Question:

quest net islam me haram hai ya halal hai.please help me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.
Hello, and thanks for your question.

I can understand your concerns, after joining QuestNet, that it might be a fraud. While MLM type of businesses are often likened to the 'pyramid scheme', which IS illegal, this company seems to subscribe to only the MLM type of business and states that you get out of it, what you put into it, timewise. It's not a get rich quick scheme and if you want it to be successful for you, then you have to devote the time necessary to sell the items. Here is more information about the company and it's answers to the accusations of fraud/scam:

You can find more information here, as well:

This might also help:

"Corporate Profile:

QI Ltd, a multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong, was established in 1998 to spearhead the development of a dynamic group of companies. Today, the rapidly expanding QI group extends from retailing, travel and leisure to interactive marketing, technology, financial services and corporate investments, training and education, and business consulting and strategic planning.

QI's first subsidiary, GOLDQUEST International Ltd, quickly became one of the world's largest and most respected providers of limited-edition numismatics, fine gold and diamond jewellery, as well as distinctive timepieces and stylish writing instruments. As more QI subsidiaries emerged, QuestNet Ltd was created to support the group's burgeoning customer base. An e-commerce powerhouse, QuestNet's remarkable growth continues. So, too, does the global reach and reputation of QI.

QI's success reflects a creative, entrepreneurial spirit, led by an experienced and resourceful management team, solid economic fundamentals and an all-consuming commitment to customers and partners. QI's expanding and interrelated range of businesses produces high-quality products and services, enterprising solutions and favourable opportunities for customers. The group is guided in its growth by a determined vision: to be acknowledged by its clients as the preeminent business partner.

QI is the quintessential 21st-century corporation, a customer-centred company with the ability, and the adaptability, to flourish in today's rapidly changing business environment. QI's cutting-edge technology and advanced, web-based solutions offer fast and efficient services to its valued partners, customers and suppliers. In just seven years, the group has built a model track record of innovation and achievement. (Source: Yahoo)"


Only you can decide if this type of business is the right type for you, but although there have been accusations of this company being a fraud or scam, it seems to have proven that it is legitimate. If you don't want to remain in the company any more, find out how you can no longer be an Individual Representative and leave the company. If you have made an investment, find out the procedure to get it back, or, it's possible you may not be able to get it back, but you also won't lose any more money if you decide this type of business is not working out for you.


I wish you much good luck!


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Edited by Cher on 1/30/2010 at 8:56 PM EST
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