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I would like to know how to figure parts per million in the

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I would like to know how to figure parts per million in the soil. I want to know by weight in pounds how much would 50 parts per million in soil weigh.

HelloCustomer Thank you for coming to Just Answer and allowing us to help you with your question.


Parts per million in weight of soil simply means that there is 1 unit of weight of something in 1 million units of soil. Your example of 50 parts per million in soil, will mean that you have 0.00005 lbs of something in a pound of soil or 50 lbs of something in 1 million pounds of soil.


This is just a simple answer to the specific question that you asked. If you want me to calculate or show you how to calculate information for a specific element or chemical, I can give you more information if you have access to a periodic table or a bottle label that gives weight information about the material you specifically want to know about. But I will need more information about the material you are interested in.


The EPA uses a liquid to remove chemicals from a gram of soil, then measures the amount of a specific chemical in the liquid and uses calculations to relate the concentration of the chemical in the liquid back to the weight of the original soil sample. If this is what you are interested in, tell me what chemical you want to know about and we can go through the calculations involved in this process.


I hope this answers your question, but I will be happy to work with you further if you need more information.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I beleive that the soil needs between 10 and 50 ppm of Humic Acid. I would like to know how to figure that in order to convert that information into lbs. per acre of humic acid needed.

Hello againCustomer Thank you for the information. Since you are working with large quantities of composite materials (humic acid and soil), you don't need to worry about really precise calculations. You should just use 50 lbs of humic acid to 1 million lbs of soil. That will give you the ratio you need of 50/1,000,000 or 0.00005/1. To calculate the lbs of humic acid you need, take the pounds of soil in an acre, multiply by 50 and divide by 1 million. The result will be the pounds of humic acid to use for that weight of soil to get a 50 ppm concentration. The ration of 50 lbs to 1 million lbs is .00005, so you can just take the amount of soil in lbs, multiply by .00005, and get the lbs of humic acid. It's the same calculation as above, just in a simplified form. The basic calculation is Y lbs soil * (50 lbs humic acid divided by 1 million lbs soil) = Z lbs humic acid at 50 ppm.


Do you know the lbs of soil in an acre of land? Also, the lbs of soil in your acre will be dependent on how deep you plow and plant, because you have three dimensions to your acre (length, width, and depth). I can try to help you with that information if you need to figure it.


I hope this answers your question. I'll be happy to keep working with you if you need more information.

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