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Is Partt Milian an organised scam operation or part of a scam

Resolved Question:

Is Partt Milian an organised scam operation or part of a scam operation in the country "Ghana, West Africa"?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.

Could you give me some additional information please? Did you receive an email or letter from this company requesting personal information, asking you to cash a check or saying that you have won a competition? Thanks for the info--I will get back to you as soon as I receive your reply.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I did not contact a company! I only contacted " You don't seem to remember what my question is and sometimes my correct email address. I have paid $14 on my Discover card. I hope you remember that.



Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.

I never forgot what your question was--I am able to see all of the communication between you and I above, as you can. I am asking for clarification on the question you asked so I can best answer it. Also, I do not have your email sends email correspondence to the email address that you signed up with. If you need to change your contact information you can do that in your account settings.

If you could please respond by answering the following questions I will be able to answer your question more accurately.

1. How were you contacted by "Partt Milian"? By email or postal mail?

2. What were the contents of the communication from them sent to you? Were they requesting your personal information (address, phone number, date of birth, etc)?

I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that this company "Partt Milian" contacted you in some way and you are wanting to know if their company is fraudulent before you reply to them. If this is incorrect, please let me know. The more information you can provide about the situation the better, as I can better answer your question. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX wait for your response to my questions.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Partt Milian is supposedly a woman's name. I have been in contact with her for about a year and have given her money for things she needed. The last request, which was Friday, January 22, 2010 was so out of the ordinary and for so much money, it appeared to be a scam. I was always in touch with her by the Enternet or by phone. She did all the calling. Her email address is [email protected] and her telephone number is +2332240410537 and mailing address is:

Partt Milian

P.O. Box NK183

Agona Nyakrom

Ghana West Africa

Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for the additional information. Everything you have told me sounds like this is a common scam. Individuals from other countries will befriend people in America and set up "personal" relationships with them, either in the form of regular friendship or an actual perceived romantic relationship. Most communication is done by email, with some by phone, and sometimes by postal mail. These people will attempt to gain the trust of an unsuspecting person and get them to wire money. It seems from what you have told me that this person thinks they have gained your trust enough to make a large "withdraw". If you were to send this payment you would most likely continue to be asked for larger sums of money until you quit paying--which is also when you wouldn't hear from this person again. The PO box this person has is also a red flag--no physical address. Much of the worlds financial scams are conducted in Africa these days, from email scams to check cashing scams as well as the kind you are involved in. You were wise to contact somebody about this before paying her any more money. Your best bet is to cease communication with her altogether after informing her that you will not be making any more payments. It is nearly impossible for criminals like this to be prosecuted in Africa for a number of different reasons, but this has led to people from other countries "conducting business" in parts of Africa because of this. Also, if this individual has any of your personal information (bank numbers, routing numbers, credit card numbers) you would be wise to change them, as your promise to stop payments would cause her to take quick recourse while the opportunity still existed.

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Expert:  Tyler replied 7 years ago.
Hi James,

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