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is there software or equipment that will allow me to project

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is there software or equipment that will allow me to project frequencys of light into a room, moving and blending into each other slowly? is it only possible to do in for visible light,or can those frequencys outside of visible light be projected and safely?
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

Can i ask some details? What do you mean by frequency of light, strobe frequency or simply colors?. Do you want 360 degree or just a wall? You mention software, you want this computer controlled? Just add any detail you may find important.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for getting back to me. Ok where do i start with this,i will give it a go. I am a researcher into the paranormal,and currently about to record a second series for the BBC. I am working on an experiment for the series, the theory is that if spirits exist they may not normally be seen by our eyes alone, and may be visible outside the visible light spectrum,we know that our eyes only pick up certain vibraitions of light. Some suggest that dogs etc may see in a differant colour than us humans, and this is maybe why they sit and bark at what appears as nothing I know that video camaras can project ir light,we can't see it but the camara is capable of picking up that frequency. Now i also know that just outside visible light is u.v aswell as ir. Beyond that you move into either gamma rays etc.


What iam needing to know is there software for say a laptop,that can slowley start say from deep ir then slowley merging into ir,and then moving slowley and blending through all the visible colours before moving into u.v. this should maybe run over 30 to 60 mins,maybe connected from laptop to projector and 360 degree to fill a room. I think simple colour,although what would be the differance with strobe? Also i would imagine that anything outside of ir and uv is impossible and dangerous,and if possible extremely costly.


I sit on the fence with this, but as a researcher i have to look at the theory, and i can appreciate this is maybe a hard one to answer.The aim then is to see if our camaras can pick something up in these frequencies,although the light frequency sweep should also move through visible colours as in red blue and green etc and blending producing purples and pinks etc. Good luck and thanks

Well, it's not harder than all those "my TV does not power ON" question we get all the time :)

Sorry if i confused you with my strobe comment. You just mentioned frequency initially so i was not sure if you were referring to colors (a color is essentially a frequency of visible light) or to a strobing (pulsation or flashing) that is like a frequency of frequency if you want. In your case it seem to only be a continuous frequency.

You are right about the IR and the UV. But those are only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. So, the only difference between a color and a radio signal is the frequency, the nature behind both is the same.

The color we see (or a set of accessible color) is called a gamut. A camera will mainly be able to film within IR and UV only, with IR and UV for special purpose camera. When you get too far from this you need to have custom made camera (as the normally sensor technology no longer is adapted). For example, to "see" something in the RF spectrum, you would need an array of little antenna.

If you want something that scan near visible frequency you would need a set of camera that cam cover all those spectrum. The emitter would be the problem. A typical projector is not a reliable source of IR and UV (they are made only to render human usable gamut color). So to project more frequency, separate emitter would be needed (a mercury lamp give lot of UV and a buffet heating lamp give lot or IR). That make using a software only system complicated. Also using the lamp mentioned don't allow much frequency deviation.

The way a projector give it's frequency is by producing white light. LCD one remove from those, some 1 DLP one mix them in your eyes (they never have more than 3 color at the same time in reality). That does not have many frequency that said, just the one we can see. To have many, something like an arc lamp would be needed. From there the room would be in a bath of different frequency all at the same time. From there you could use a special camera to be able to get as much form the reflexion.

Such an arc lamp would produce what is called in signal processing an echelon or dirac response. That mean most (or at least) many frequency all at once. As light can superimpose it's not a problem to have them all at the same time for the purpose you mention. The hard part it to be able to individually detect them, and that would be a camera challenge.

Another way to emit over a large spectrum is to use laser light. you then need a laser calibrated to emit at the frequency you want to probe and have a detector at the other side for that same frequency.

I may have missed something important you want to know, just ask for more details if it's the case.
I forgot to add a little something i know that might interest you on the subject as you mentioned dogs.That animal is the one with the more advanced vision system on earth.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks again,for coming back to me,i just need to talk it over with Mark who appears with myself on screen,i will have one final question for you,aside from that, do you think it is possible to take this say to an eletronic tech guy or camara expert,and have help put it together,or add to what we have,basically i have 3 weeks to filming,and for us to start and put this together might take a while. Do you know of anyone in the UK or Ireland who would either have the equipment or help build it.





Usual camera guy, probably not, but if you can find some science club doing Kirlian photography, they may have the kind of gear to do that kind of stuff as it's in the same league. That said i can't say i am much familiar with the UK scene, but if you are close to London it should be possible to find someone.
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