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how do I find my son in Calfornia. He was in jail in 2005,

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how do I find my son in Calfornia. He was in jail in 2005, I have not heard from him in two years.
Hello, First check and see he if is still in the Prison system, Call this number and see if he is still in the system. If is not in the system you will next need to find out in which jurisdiction he committed the crime. Contact the probation department for that jurisdiction and they can tell you if he still on parole and who his parole officer is. Next contact parole officer and have them give your son contact information for you. Some parole officers will give you a current address for the parolee and others will not. If you need further help finding the jurisdiction parole department, send me back the jurisdiction that the crime was committed in. When contacting these offices it is good to have date of birth and Social security number. Thanks Tom Please click accept.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi, TaxTom

First of all, thank you for getting back to me so fast, I'm a mother that has done everything I could to help my son have a better life,due to drugs I lost the battle.

First I'll check to see if my son is still in prison. If Not, How can I check to see if he is deceased and see where his boby is located. My son usually contacted me for money and or to let me know he's OK. I have not had any contact for over two and a half years.

I know at the time a talked with him, he had a prison ID.

Thank You,



Hello, The probation department should have record of his death if he died while still on parole. In Califormia The California Department of Health has a record of all deaths in California , . Tom

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