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the devine immortal palms... im SO irritated i cant even calculate

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the devine immortal palms... im SO irritated i cant even calculate the name of the taoist immortal that taught those palms to the li family: that family member taught that to his relative who incorporated that with the five families fist... then the shaolin temple expanded the five family fists into 72 techniques... then 170... the invincible iron ore palm and the vibrating palm r some of those palms that r used 4 d 170 techniques... im not sure if the eight immortals were the ones who taught their ways to the taoists in emei mountain and wudang mountain... and those taoists taught the devine immortal palms to the li family... id rather not go to a shaolin monk and ask where the hell the devine immortal palms such as the vibrating and iron palm came from... dat would cost money & u never pay for knowledge that's against the supreme doctrine of god!... a boddhisattva wouldnt know about dat shit wud ee?... r the devine immortal palms connected somehow wid d secret of the golden flower?
Hello, welcome to Just Answer.

You won't be able to find the truth about this, if it happened it was too long ago. Just like with the Gilgamesh epic, the flood part was turned into a very different version later in the bible. Time changes things

If you go back to the root of the Tao, you will see there is no technique. I will let you on some word of wiseness about the essential matter... link
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Iron Bone Shattering Palm, Vibrating Palm, Cotton Palm, Burning Palm, Spiralling Palm, and Internal Iron Palm... not so much the vibrating palm or the iron ore palm cuz i know they already make movies and books that feature em... but the other current and evolved arts of the devine palms... and also the full-bird's-eye-view of the 170+ techniques that the shaolin monks study oh so vigorously these days...


just wanted to know if they made books on those concepts of TRUE martial arts strategy... once i become adept to the way of the intercepting fist... and also Ni-Ten Ichi Ryu... i shall incorporate the techniques of the shaolin monastary/ancient taoist arts into my foundation... and call that art "Master"

Well, this is a very vast subject. MANY books were made on those subjects, but with all things, there is snake oil sellers. Even if you go back to old Chinese parchemin, there was lot of false claim there also. Don't forget that many "fork" of martial art often were just to be able to start a school and make money, many time it was not much different than what we would today call a sect. That include many Shaolin teaching institution, using all kind of trick to bring more adept (walking on fire is not got enough anymore when you saw the MythBuster guys doing it and so many others).

As an example of a book that seem to be pretty complete, i could give you this link

Notice that a lot of the alleged possibility of those technique come from legend and have lot more in common with indian siddi than actual martial art like karate or taekwondo for example. So, in essence, you need to have as much faith as technique.

In martial art like in every thing, there is (in growing order of matter): knowing, believing, doing.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

wow, dude... i mean, the link u gave me on complete iron ore palm im not really interested in, but i thank u for trying and also being honest.


But yeah i remember that link u sent me of BL talking about water... ive actually seen that before but now i know for sure wut i must do now: is to study the arts that have a good solid basis and not so much folk-lore or mythic-shit like that


im gonna go to my friend right now to see if he has found that book i let him borrow on tao of jeet kune do... i guess im saying im destined to become a master of that art and i m thanking u oh so much for putting on my head straight!... with dealing with some of the doctrines i believe in... and combining them with XXXXX XXXXX... i may concur that to know something one must absorb all its most efficient elements first... but now i know the gap between applying that knowledge and knowing that intel... is to Believe in wut u know before u apply it... but all-and-all-out of everything... as i was saying it is the strongest doctrine i believe in most, and m starting to apply such a doctrine for once, is "Knowing is not enough... applying is wut a brilliant person does when he does something smart w/ full of knowing"... but actually the version of that quote i use the most is, "It is not about knowing,,, it's about APPLYing!" - im that guy that didnt feel like paying for your answer on dealing with the tree of knowledge... ill do different this time.