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where can I find out the difference of bouncing between a frozen

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where can I find out the difference of bouncing between a frozen Basketball and one that is not?
Is this a science experiment?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It is a science project for 6th grader

Well the freezing point of rubber is -30 C, or -67 C...that is darn cold....WAY colder than any typicaly freezer application could reach. But if you froze it, it would not bounce. I suspect the experiment is to see what happens when you expose a basketball to cold like a typical freezer...perhaps -5 C or so.

You will not find this need to do the experiment. Buy a small rubber basketball and bounce and measure it with a yardstick. Then put in the freezer and do the will bounce a bit less higher when cold. IF it was truely frozen, it would not bounce at would more likey crack.

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