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I belong to an international orginization, mostly of women.

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I belong to an international orginization, mostly of women. One of our members who is noted for her severe criticism of others, stated at a public meeting that all the people who were talking under Roberts Rules of Orders, were" mean people." They did not acknowledge her nore did they look at her. As a result two new members said that they wre leaving as a someone reported her behavior to the messageboards. We were very upset about losing new members and her behavior that we drew up and signed a petition to have her brought before the ethice board and to have her apolige to the members publically. She had a lawyer friend of hers send the President a letter saying that we were bad people who were deflaming her and that all of us should be removed from all offices of responsibility. The President wrote back to the women and told her the ethics committee judged that there was no ethics violation and therefore this women had to take her complaint and charges to each individual signee

If it was decided that 'Robert's Rules of Order' should be followed at your meetings, this woman has to accept that and either decide to stay and keep her criticism to herself, or be asked to leave the group, if she doesn't agree with the way things have always been run at your meetings.

It's odd that a person would want to remain a member of a group where she knows she is not wanted, due to her past behavior. If possible, request that the President either speak to her about recognizing the rules of order, already established for the meetings, and not being disruptive, or ask her to kindly leave the group. Perhaps she could find a different group more to her liking.

I hope everything works out well.

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