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Looking to get a riffle for my husband for Christmas, he would

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Looking to get a riffle for my husband for Christmas, he would like to get a .300 or .270 and I know nothing about guns. Can you recommend one our direct me to someone who can?

Hello Kymberly. Thank you for coming to Just Answer and allowing us to help you with your question. I'm sure that your husband will love a rifle for Christmas. There are a lot of rifles in .270 and .300 and part of the decision of which rifle is right will be how much you are will to pay. If your husband hunts deer or elk, a .270 winchester caliber will meet his needs. If your husband hunts bears or moose or he just wants a rifle with a bigger punch, a .300 Winchester caliber will work. There are also .270 and .300 Weatherby cartridges that shoot more powerfully than the same cartridges that Winchester makes. So, you might want to ask him which type of .270 or .300 he likes. I am a small female and I can shoot a .270 win without any problems, but I wouldn't shoot my husband's .270 Weatherby. My husband shoots a .270 win, a .270 Weatherby, and a .300 Weatherby without any problems, but when his brother bought a .300 Weatherby, he ended up getting rid of it because the recoil beat him black and blue.


Once you figure out which caliber your husband would like there are still many choices of guns. Weatherby makes really lightweight, accurate guns, but they are fairly expensive (about $1000). Winchester and Remington make really nice rifles and they are somewhat cheaper ($600 to $1000) depending on the specific rifle. Savage and Sako make good guns at a cheaper price, although Sako is more expensive than Savage. These are the manufacturers that I think make the best rifles. Also, if your husband is left-handed, make sure you buy a left-handed gun. Most manufacturers offer left-handed models these days.


Probably the best advice that I can recommend is to look around your town and find a couple of respectable-looking gun shops. The staff will be able to show you a number of different rifles and you'll be able to tell them more about how your husband hunts or shoots. If you go to a few different shops, you should get an idea of what guns you want to buy and see who gives you the best deal.


Personally, I have three Weatherby Accumark rifles and I wouldn't use anything else, but the Accumark is an expensive rifle and probably more than you would want to pay. You can find perfectly good Remington or Winchesters.


One idea that you might want to think about is that after you talk to the gun shops and decide which shop seems to offer you a fair deal, is to give your husband a gift certificate or make up a "coupon" to give to him on Christmas and let him pick a rifle that fits him. It's not as much fun, but it guarantees that he'll get a gun that suits him. Also, as long as your husband doesn't fire the rifle, a reputable gun shop should agree to let him bring it back and exchange it if the model you pick isn't right for him.


I hope this helps. This is a really complicated topic and hunters can argue for hours about which gun is "best". It depends on what the gun is being used for. The staff at gun shops should be quite willing to show you the guns and explain their features. If they're not willing to take the time to talk to you, move on to another shop. Please let me know if I can provide any more information for you.

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Hello again Kymberly. Thank you for accepting my answer. I'm glad it was helpful to you. Last night, I forgot to warn you about the legal requirements for buying a gun. You probably won't be able to put a gun under the Christmas tree for your husband as a surprise. Federal firearms regulations require that the owner of a gun fill out a federal form and pass a background check, before they can buy the gun. The form requires you to state that you will be the owner of the gun, not just the buyer. The background check is done over the phone by the dealer and only takes about 15 minutes. You will probably have to take your husband to the gun shop to fill out the forms. Also, I'm not familiar with any New Jersey-specific gun laws, but some states require a seven-day waiting period to buy a gun. The staff in any gun shop will know the specific rules for your state and you probably want to find out the requirements early in case there is a waiting period. Sorry I forgot to tell you about this last night.


Please don't press the accept button again. You have already paid for this answer and I don't want you to be charged again. Good luck and have fun looking at guns. Most gun shops will have catalogs for the major manufacturers that you can take home and look through at your leisure.