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My family and I are relocating from England to Canada, and

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My family and I are relocating from England to Canada, and I have a feer of flighing, how do I get us and all are stuff from hear to their
HelloCustomer welcome to Just Answer.

You could use Cunard ship to do the Southampton to New York trip, then move to Canada by bus.

Here is more info on the trip:
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your information, It was realy apriciated, I just need a little more information if you can.

1. Will Cunard be able to take all our houshold stuff, funiture ect as well,

2.What is the best way, with out flying to get to Montreal with children as the bus will be too difficult with them.

3. How do I contact them, to look at prices.
All passenger ship can always take some amount of stuff. but for furniture and all, it might not be economical (you would need to ask them (have the volume and the weight at hand when contacting them). You can contact them at

The Best is to ship the majority of the stuff on a cargo ship in a container. Or do business directly with a company like

Of course, selling most of the stuff would be a better idea. pretty much all thing electrical will not work in Canada.

If bus is not possible, you can rent a car/van (i can name as an example)
Martin and 28 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dear Martin all your advice has been very helpful.

I have just one more question, if I could.

Is there anything like an electrical converter that we can purchase, that will allow us to take some of our electrical goods with us? When my parents moved to England some 15 years ago, thay had such a devices for their Canadian electrical items, is there a similar device for hear going the other way. A Box that can be purchased in England, Canada or the US to convert British watts or amps to work in North America

In England, the voltage is 50 hertz and 220-240 Volts. In Canada it's 60 Hertz and 110 volt (but in reality it's 120V now, oven have 220-240 and a different plug). That is one difference. A step up or step down transformer is economical if the system can run on 2 different frequency, but a frequency charger is not. It can break, it's not 100% efficient and it's costly.

There is also the power plug. In Canada we use the type B plug (Nema), while in England you might see type C (euro plug) or type G (british standard). Converter for those exist and are worth it for equipments that can handle the variety of voltage and frequency (electric razor, hair dryer and laptop computer usually are versatile at that).

Another incompatibility come from some electronics systems. A TV for example will not have the same refresh rate and signal compatibility will not work. DVD player and game console have what is called "regional protection". This will make them not play some media made in other regions.

You also have to think about how the inconvenience to use an adapter daily.

You also have to think about warranty, it can really be a pain to handle them if the stuff was bought in another country. Selling the stuff is really the simplest way. All the equipment for converting electricity is available on both side of the ocean.
Martin and 28 other General Specialists are ready to help you