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How long must I wait to get my car back I have been without

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How long must I wait to get my car back? I have been without a car for 2 months. I am a 78 year old widow. I need my vehicle.
And where exactly is your car ma'am?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The insurance company took it to another town to repair it after a collision. It was appraised by two local body shops who felt the damage was too difficult for them to repair and be safe for me to drive. They felt that it should be totaled. The insurance appraised decided that it could be fixed. It has low mileage and been well- maintained.

The value as it was was high, since there was no mechanical damage. (a 2006 Ford Focus). They given me several dates to expect it back. I have rented a car twice, and the cost is too much for me to continue to do so. I have become very frustrated.

Thanks and sorry for the delay.

Its not clear here if the problem is with the insurance company or the repair shop...but if it was the insurance company that selected the shop I would press them. I would call them regularly to inquire as to the status.

If it gets to the point where you have waited for a month or more I would consider a suit against the insurance company for loss of value of the car. You can sue yourself in small claims.
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