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What are some games that can be offered at a cancer benefit

Resolved Question:

What are some games that can be offered at a cancer benefit to raise money?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 7 years ago.


Are you looking for games, or various types of things to help raise funds? Joan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
We have a bake sale and a raffle and a silent auction. We also have a dice game. But we'd like more games to get people involved rather than just buying a ticket like the dice game.
Expert:  Joan replied 7 years ago.


You can try guess the amount of beans or candy in a jar. You can have a bachelor / batchelorette auction. That is always fun as you can get men and women, TV /Radio personalities, well know faces like government officials, Doctors etsc. from the community to volunteer to be auctioned off for the evening. A dance contest is great. If you can get a WII by Nintendo they have games that people can play against each other. They would pay to play and you can do a tournement with it. You can make a game where the person would have to lift a coke bottle that is laying down with a plastic ring tied to a bamboo pole. You may have seen this at a carnival. You can get some cheap glassware and set up a display wher the player has to pitch coins to win a prize. If this is not enough, please let me know as I can come up with some other games for you. Joan

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The premise we are working with is that they play a game for chances to win a prize. For example, the dice game is that you shake two dice, add them up for the number of chances to win a prize, if two sixes or two ones are rolled, a chance is entered for the grand prize. Is there anything like this that could also be played to keep people involved? Something like another dice game or a card game or something like that?
Expert:  Joan replied 7 years ago.


You can do a game like Black Jack, where if they get 21 they get a chance to win a prize. The shell game is another game that is interactive. You take 1 ball and 3 cups place the ball under a cup and shuffle quickly, then they pick where the ball is to win a chance at a prize. The coin toss serves a dual purpose, you keep the coins as well as if they get the coin in a specific glass or plate, they win a chance. I still think the batchelor/ batchelorette auction will bring in a good amount of money and get everyone hyped for the rest of the evening. Joan

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Expert:  Joan replied 7 years ago.


I have more games that is fun. Name that tune: you have a person play a gazoo and hum the tune. If the person guesses the song, then they win a chance. You can also have one person draw a picture( the names of what is to be drawn is on a card) and if the other person guesses what is drawn, then they win a chance. These are all fun and very interactive. Joan

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