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I was recently at work and got called in about an issue that

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I was recently at work and got called in about an issue that was absolutely not true. Thay stated that it had gotten back to them that on several occasions one of my co-workers had slept over at my home. I'm in management and they had no proof just hear say. And to top it off my co-worker that they were talking about is a woman. I am not lesbian nor have I ever been. It hurt me deeply and they have also said if I'm out and one of my co-workers come in where I am that it would be in my best interest to leave, if they hear anything like this again I will be terminated and all the paper work has been turned in to Human resources and my district manager. What can I do if anything to clear my name and character with in my company and its not a small company.

If they have no proof, and only hearsay, there's nothing they can do to prove you have done anything wrong. Also, what you do outside of work is only your business, even if this information is not true. What paperwork could have been submitted to HR, if there is no proof of what they're saying? If they wrongly terminate you, or are harrassing you at this time, about an untrue situation, you might want to consult a union representative (if applicable), or an attorney, to stop that behavior, before it grows into something more serious.

I hope everything works out well for you!

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