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im having a weird issue with paypal that paypal doesnt seem

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i'm having a weird issue with paypal that paypal doesn't seem to want to help fix. shocking, right? anyway, each time i try to log in i'm greeted with a security measures (or some such) page that tries to eke my debit card number out of me. that would be well and good, and i've done it before a few times, but for some reason paypal has switched around the last two digits of my number and i can't even email support about it because of that security page, which reads more along the lines of: "please enter your card number here: ---------86" or some such, when the last two numbers are in actuality the other way around. i've called numerous times with no luck and have had absolutely no help from the site. please help!

It's possible you might have been the victim of identity theft, if the site asked you for your card number, but now the last two digits have been reversed. They should have helped you when you called Customer Service, and if they didn't/couldn't, it would be best for you to call them and close your account, then open a new one. Besides your account (card) number, they can identify your account with the phone number they have on file, the bank or other credit cards you have on file, and your social security number. However, they usually ask for only the last four digits of your social security number, so don't offer the entire one, in case something fishy is going on with your account. If the person you speak to on the phone can't help you, ask to speak to a Supervisor, to get to the bottom of this problem.

You can also choose to send them a registered letter containing all your information and details about your situation, if you get nowhere on the phone. Ask them directly, 'what do I need to do to recover access to my online account?'

In addition, go to an ATM with your PayPal card, and check your balance, to make sure there have been no unauthorized charges made, if something funny is going on with your online account.

I hope you're able to resolve this problem, very soon!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi cher,

thanks for the prompt response, first off- my connection is dodgy, so i apologize if i can't provide as speedy a response.

as much as i hate paypal, it's a necessary evil because i do a lot of business with people online who refuse to pay with anything BUT, and i don't hold credit cards- just the one (bank, not paypal) debit card. that said, i've tried to close my account a few years ago, spent a few hours on the phone, was told it was closed, then out of curiosity two years later logged in to a still open account. there wasn't and still isn't anything dodgy going on with my checking account, so i don't think someone stole my identity or anything.

i've called paypal several times and spoken to supervisors, with the last call lasting about two hours- the problem has been conveyed to them, but i can't get them to care. i'm a little skittish to send a letter, to be honest, but the next time i call them i'll be sure to ask, specifically, how to do that.

will i have to just keep plugging away at the phone?

thanks for being so patient with me,Customer
Hi again,Customer and you're most welcome.

Thanks for your reply with additional information, and please, no apologies necessary re: your dodgy computer connection. Smile

I'm glad you haven't noticed any suspicious activity on your checking account or your paypal account. That is so odd, that you were told a few years ago that your account was closed, when, in actuality, it never was! That may be related to your current problem.

I understand your reluctance to send a letter, so I would yes, keep plugging away over the phone, and keep insisting you speak to someone who has the authority and ability to help you straighten out this unfortunate situation.

I know it's very frustrating dealing with PayPal, as I've experienced this myself more than once, but it's important to your business to maintain the account, so continue until you get this problem fixed. It's on THEIR end, not yours!

I wish you much good luck!


Edited by Cher on 10/15/2009 at 1:52 AM EST
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