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I live in rural Connecticut. Recently a number of trees were

Resolved Question:

I live in rural Connecticut. Recently a number of trees were cut down next to to my house - They were mostly pine. People have told me that nothing grows in pine litter. My sister begged me no to put down a truck load of loam. How can I make this area appropriate for grong wild flowers, flowering perennials and perhaps grass.

Looking forward to your answer, XXXXX XXXXX, Woodstock, CT
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 8 years ago.
Hello Jane, welcome to Just Answer.

I have a pine forest and i can tell you it become very acid under those trees. That said, it's not that acid. I doubt the place got many generation of pine before those, so the liter is probably not over 2-3 inch deep. You can get that in a pile and burn it (caution this burn really well when dry, be sure to have plenty of water at hand just in case. It's something that is easy to collect. (you can also keep of that litter to use, in case you want to grow fern or blueberries).

Once this is done you can put back the ash there (once completely cooled) and mix it with the soil that is already there.

Most flower do well in slightly acidic soil and grass will grow OK as long as it have light.

One plant family that is good to fertilize acidic land is Leguminosae. So you could grow bean or pea for a year (it help to get nitrogen in the soil). Clover is the same family, so if you want grass, make sure there is something like 20% of it mixed in the seeds.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much; you have given me some very good ideas. The pine litter seems to be as much as 8 inches in parts. I will make an effort to rake as much of it as I can further back into the woods.
Wishing you a colorful autumn and joyous winter. jgm