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I am researching for a novel I am going to write about ancient

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I am researching for a novel I am going to write about ancient Egypt, my question is the artwork, the spells chiseled on the walls to help a Pharoah in the afterlife, how did they breathe or see in the dark tombs. There had to have been some sort of venelation and if they used torches to see there would be carbon residue on the walls but it is my understanding they could not have used torches so how was it done?
Hello, the final answer of most Egyptologists is that the shafts found in most pyramids are not venelations shafts but may have been shafts to let the soul rise to the great beyond. Many of tombs did need to be cleaned but its not clear if it was beacuse of soot. The more obvious choice is that the light portals that allowed the work to be done were covered over or built over when work on the outside of the pyramid was done. It is also possible that much of the work was done and then moved into placed as the pyramid was constructed. Thanks Tom
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