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I live in Bergen County, N.J. next to Hackensack. Im debating

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I live in Bergen County, N.J. next to Hackensack. I'm debating on accepting a position with a company on Long Island (New Hyde Park). I traveled there yesterday and took the GWB along with a few other roads. Here is my question. Is there any "easy" way to get to Long Island other then the GWB or Lincoln tunnel? I don't believe there is. If so, how long can I expect to travel going and coming home, on a daily basis? I would be traveling during rush hour, say leaving my house at 7:30 a.m. and leaving from work approx 5:30 p.m. Also, what is the cost for tolls? I know the GWB is $8 and there was another toll I paid $5.50 for. Not sure exactly how much it would cost me round trip.


When you traveled to Long Island yesterday, what time of day was it? I'm assuming it was NOT during rush hour?

How long were your trips back and forth, yesterday?

Do you know for which road you paid the $5.50 toll?

Were the $8 and $5.50 the costs one way or round trip?

Is it necessary for you to drive there in your own car? In other words, if you could take another form of transportation, do you need your car for the job?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Cher,
I actually left from another location then I normally would be coming from. I would be leaving from Maywood, N.J. however yesterday I left from New Brunswick. It took me 2:15 door to door. I left N.B. at 12:15 so I would say I was nearing the bridge about 1:00 or so. I would be about 28 miles door to door. It took me 1:15 to come home and I left Long Island at 4:50 p.m.
As for routes, I got off on the Major Deegen Highway South, to Triboro Bridge to Grand Central Parkway. Grand Central Parkway East became Northern State Parkway proceed to Exit 26 South "New Hyde Park Road South. I think the toll was on the Deegen and another road (perhaps the Triboro?) When I came home, I hit a toll somewhere along 495 (Long Island Expressway) for 5.50. I was a little confused weather or not I'd hit any tolls if I went another way.
I can only travel by car. I'm not near a train. Basically, I'm trying to get a handle on a) how long would it take me daily and b) how much would it cost. I'm weighing this against accepting (possibly) a job there.
Hi again, Mark, and thanks for your additional and helpful detailed information.

I think there may be a more direct way for you to go, and from your initial information, plugging in 'Hackensack' as your starting point, to New Hyde Park as your end point, I got this information:

You can go to the site and change your leaving point to Maywood and see if/how it changes, however, there's no change in that you'll need to take the New Jersey Tpke to the GWB to the Throggs Neck Bridge, to the Cross Island Pkway, and that might be a more direct route for you.

If you don't already have one, get an EZ-Pass from the New Jersey Tpke Authority, and this will discount your tolls. You might need to purchase a different EZ-pass for the NY tolls, like on the Throggs Neck Bridge. I believe there is no toll on the Cross Island Pkway. If you can at all, avoid the LIE (Long Is. Expressway).

According to the info at the site above, the trip should take an estimated 43 minutes, but I think that is conservative, especially in rush hour. Total travel time is 27.24 miles.

In my personal opinion, unless you don't mind the driving, this particular job is offering you a great salary, benefits, etc., it's something you will love doing, and you would really like to consider it, plus, if you're currently not working and you've been looking for a job for a long while and have gotten no offers, it might be a good idea to consider accepting this offer. However, if there is any way you could get a comparable job closer to home or even in the City, to which you could take a PATH train, express bus, etc., weigh whether the travel time, expenses, etc. are worth the salary, benefits, etc. Also, keep in mind that traveling to and from, in rush hour, is going to be crowded, and remember in the winter, with bad weather, snow, ice, etc., it will be slower.

If you'd like to experiment and try this other route, see how it goes. Also, if you have a GPS or a friend does, you might plug in your beginning and ending addresses, and get travel directions from there, plus a total travel time. If you don't currently have one, it might be a good investment, especially if you will be traveling far from home to an area you're not very familiar with, and if you should have to take a detour, etc., it can help you with alternate routes. The prices have come down tremendously, and you can even check on eBay.

I wish you much good luck, Mark, whatever you decide, and hope everything works out great for you!

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