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SUBJECT: I,M NOT DREAMING AM I?? This is no rumor or dream is it? I heard there was a high school girls basketball game that ended up 100 to absolutely NOTTA for a score??? the end of this last January? Phase one of my question is how on earth could you get shutout in a basketball game? Rather it is a college game, a high school game, or a girls varsity team I never thought it could happen that in 40 (Quarante) minutes you wouldn,t hoop the ball just ONCE??? Phase two of the ? That night in early 2009 in Texas, when the clock ticked down to the last 12 (Douze) minutes in you personal opinion WERE the odds of the victims(losing team) of them poor players at least getting on the scoreboard before game was over at least better than say..playing a game of YAHTZEE and getting a score of 350 (Trois cents et^ cinqante) OR higher on a given game, or do you think they were even slimmer in retrospective? I,m talking about when it got down to the final twelve minutes left to play in retro, what is your opinion of what their chances of putting something on the board compared to acheiving a yahtzee score of at least 350 knowingly an average score is about 240. And to NOTE this is NOT a health question it is a more personal OPINIONAL stat question
Big difference between your example (basketball) and Yahtzee.

In the Yahtzee it is a true game of chance. Play enough times and you will get 350. Note, I said play enough times. The odds are low each time, but over time, it will happen (assuming you have enough time)

Basketball involves skill as well as (some) luck. So given a large enough disparity in skill it is certainly possible to have 100 to zero. That ignores the human element...I agree that at some point the other coach would likely put in the bench and allow a score...but you asked if it was possible. I say yes

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I, am specificall inquiring just and ONLY your personal opinion as SOON as the clock ticked down to 12 minutes, if you believe the rough estimated odds that the losing team that night would finally score VS the odds that you get 350 or higher THE VERY next game of Yahtzee you play. You mentioned that the eventuall getting 350 if you played several games but I,m am wondering specifically a good yahtzee player,s very next game he/she plays achievinhg 350 or more points, if you think there WAS a better OR A slimmer chance that losing team would at last get on the board with only 12 minutes left THAN (Compared to getting 350 or better the very next time you play yahtzee) if you can.t really prove it would help me with just a wild wild guess in you best opinion of the team scoring better or SLIMMER than the yahtzee score.
Based on your question, I vote for human nature. Specifically, that in the last 12 mins there will be a score. know you would be rooting for it...the entire audience would be. And this energy would help the team trying to get that first basket. So the odds would be, I believe, in favor of the score (erasing the shutout).

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