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i was online last night and saw an ad for the new forex robot .

Resolved Question:

i was online last night and saw an ad for the new "forex robot". it was not atotally legit looking site, but when you're desperate for money and they're telling you how they make thousands in their sleep, idecided to try it. i thought it would only be a 1-2 screen joining process, but once i gave them my credit card # XXXXX was then directedf to at least 4 more sites ....$19.99 here, 39.99. there, etc. they gave a "contact us" link because i then wanted to get out ASAP, but their e-mail account is microsoft-word based, but has at the end. anyway, at the end of my e-mail it would not send correctly...... "error". also, no 1-800 # XXXXX call to cancel. i am livid. what can i do? ANY help would be greatly appreciaTED. THANKS, MELANY
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 7 years ago.
Hi Melany,

Once you see the charges on your credit card, you can call the credit card company and tell them you would like to 'dispute' the charges because you were scammed and there was no contact at the company that charged you, to request a refund. The charge card company will request the refund, if you have received no materials nor services from the one that charged you, online.


You can call your credit card company, now, and ask them to suspend charging on your account (as if it were 'lost') or close this account number (not the account, just the number--render it unusable), and send you a new card with a new number. If you can afford to be without charging privileges on this particular card, for the amount of days it will take to get a new card with a new number, that might be your best bet. Ask them their advice, after telling them what happened to you last night, and you would like to avoid being charged by this dishonest site.


You should report this company/website to your State Attorney General's office, Bureau of Consumer Affairs, and the Better Business Bureau, filing a complaint that they weren't what they said they were and they charge people's charge cards without permission. It's a scam.

I hope you get your money refunded!

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