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Dave Z
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why do i have centipedes in my basement and how do get rid

Customer Question

why do i have centipedes in my basement and how do get rid of then once and for all
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Dave Z replied 7 years ago.
Good morning rn and welcome back to Just Answer!

I too am not a big fan of centipedes either. There are many reasons as to why you have centipeded in the basement. Centipedes eat mold and live in damp dark places. Removing their "habitat" is the first step toward eliminating them. Keep your house/basement dry . Centipedes dry out and die if they don’t stay in a moist environment, so if you clean up damp closets and basements, and use dehumidifiers, centipedes will find a more hospitable place to live. Get a dehumidifier and use bleach to kill mold and mildew. Second, you may want to use sticky traps. Put them in corners along the floorboards, where centipedes often hunt, and the traps will capture not only centipedes, but house insects as well. This will help you determine which other pests you need to eliminate, to deprive the centipedes of prey. Third, I highly recommend that you close off any entry points into your house. Keep centipedes from entering your house in the first place by sealing cracks in the foundation and concrete walls, eliminating spaces around doors and windows, and covering basement floor drains with window screen. Finally, try putting a powdered residual insecticide such as Drione in the places where centipedes usually hide in your basement, like in wall cracks, dark corners of the basement, crawl spaces, and under furniture. You can discourage centipedes from even going near your home by coating the bottom few feet of the side of your house, and soaking at least a five-foot band of soil around the house, with an outdoor residual spray insecticide such as Talstar or Demon WP. If you don’t even want to encounter centipedes in your yard, be sure to spray the whole lawn and any mulch you use for gardening or landscaping. Remember, though, that insecticides alone will only work temporarily. If your yard and house are still cluttered, damp, and full of tasty bugs, the centipedes will find you again. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Thank you for using Just Answer and please remember to leave feedback after you click the Green Accept button. Have a great weekend and best of luck with ridding your basement of the centipedes.
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