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The Geezer, Successful careers
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I built my own home and absolutely love it. I hate my job though

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I built my own home and absolutely love it. I hate my job though and really want a change of career and lifestyle. I want to leave my current job and start up a childrens nursery. This would mean selling my house and moving to one that I could adapt to use as the nursery. So my impossible question is, what would I end up regretting more: staying in a job that depresses me, or selling a house I love???
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This a tough question and one that can ultimately only be answered by you. From the manner in which you worded your question though it seems like you have your decision 90 percent made.

You realize that you hate your job and want a lifestyle change. Working in a job that is unfulfilling and stressful can affect you physically and emotionally over time. Plus you can purchase or build another home that you may love just as much.
Suppose you sell your house, start the nursery business, and insurmountable problems arise.

* No license
* No customers
* Kid gets injured and you are sued personally
* Kids or their parents make up stories about things that never actually happened and you get sued, or go to jail, or have your reputation ruined
* Your employees cause issues with the kids or their parents
* etc

So you've sold your dream house, lost your business, and are broke. Are you willing to risk that in order to open your nursery?

You might also decide after a year or two that while you still like little kids you hate being the owner of an all-consuming nursery business with all the attendant problems that you can only speculate about right now. What then?

If your life's passion is to operate a nursery please don't let me talk you out of living your dream. But if you have ANY doubts about betting your whole life and life savings on a business you may not have even worked in yet, ask yourself if that is a good gamble?

Far better to work for someone else in their nursery for a year or two before betting your house on a business you have no experience in.

Hope these thoughts help.
The Geezer, Successful careers
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 1387
Experience: Retired Civil Engineer, USC Professor & Realtor, financier
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for your advice! I think it's what the sensible half of me knew, but the "go for it" half is still keen. I have decided to keep working and researching / planning for the nursery, and if all seems viable and the time is right, I'll go for it. Thanks again.


I'm new to this, so I think I've accepted and paid. If it hasn't worked, please let me know and I'll try again.


All the best.

Thanks for the Accept! Good luck with your future decisions on this matter.

It is a good idea to continue researching and planning for the nursery. I would recommend visiting established nurseries and consulting with their owners. Some of them, especially the ones who are already fully occupied, are likely to give you some guidance based on their own experiences.

No need to Accept again.