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removing spark plugs from a 5.8 ford pickup that are rusted

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removing spark plugs from a 5.8 ford pickup that are rusted in place, any tips without removing the heads?
There is a penetrating oil made for just such a circumstance.

No, not WD-40.

Use Kano Labs' "Kroil". It actually does what it says it does - seeps into sub-micrometer spaces, weakens rust, and allows the turning of nuts, spark plugs, anything, without the danger of over-torquing and breaking.

You can get it at

You can read about it here and order it direct on the Kano web site:

The stuff works, I've used it for more than 30 years.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Geezer, I will try it, how long should the oil set before trying to loosen rusted spark plugs from the heads? Thanks MIke
Give it about an hour. The stuff might well work more quickly, but an hour should be more than enough for it to weaken the bonds. Apply it slowly, you will see how readily capillary action draws it into cracks and crevices and threads of all kinds.

A little Kroil goes a long way, put something under the engine block to absorb whatever might drip off the engine. If you don't you risk staining the garage floor.

Good luck!

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