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Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to have a department of

Resolved Question:

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to have a department of education at the national level?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Jim Reilly replied 8 years ago.
HelloCustomerand welcome to JustAnswer.

There is, of course, no "right" answer to the question you have posed. It is possible to express an opinion on the subject and to support that opinion with logical arguments, but there are good arguments to be made on both sides of the issue. Some examples:

Pro: A national department of education can set appropriate national level policies regarding educational goals, standards, curricula, etc.

Con: Enforcement of such national standards detracts from local control of education and reduces flexibility in devising programs to meet local needs.

Pro: A national department of education can help provide funding for educational programs.

Con: The federal government can use control of such funding to impose obligations, limits and restrictions which may not comport with the needs and desires of local schools.

There are undoubtedly other arguments that could be made either way. How persuaded anyone will be by those arguments probably depends in large part on his or her predisposition to believe that the federal government knows best about such things.

I personally am a Libertarian and believe that the primary source of direction for a child's education ought to be that child's parents. Therefore, I favor stronger local control, rather than centralized control at the federal, state or even county level.

Thanks for asking your question here on JustAnswer. If you have any other questions, please let me know.
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