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what is the value of a bamboo fly rod approx 60-70 years old

Resolved Question:

what is the value of a bamboo fly rod approx 60-70 years old ---still in original tube made by XXXXX XXXXX at the time the address wasXXXXXprov ri
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 8 years ago.


What I have found after researching the Bamboo Fly Rods. The older ones are running form about $80-$200 depending on whether there is a reel on it the amount of sides, if it has ferules, and the shape it is in. You do have to remenber the items value is only as much as a buyer will pay for it. The fact you have the original tube and packaging makes it a little more valuable. Sometimes the original packing can be worth as much as the rod itself. Joan

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Expert:  Joan replied 8 years ago.


I am so sorry you felt the answer was unacceptable. You could have responded and I would have been happy to have someone else assist you. There is not specific information on that Rod or the manufacturer. I gave you the exact information that they base the evaluating the value of a flyrod. If you are not happy with the answer, you can always ask for more research or another Expert. Again sorry to disappoint you with my answer. I would be happy to refund your payment if you would like. Please let me know and I will send it in for you. Joan