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CHERRY LIGHTS:                                            & nbsp;                                                                             I have a question reguarding the odds that the officers did turn on their overhead lights on these specific traffic stops: A guy named Odom was cited for going 61 (Soixante-et-un) MPH in a 45 (Quarante-cinq) zone in March of 2008. One of my friends was ticketed for going 72 (Soixante-douze) in a 60 (Soixante) MPH zone in Rochester MN on hwy 52 cause he was in a hurry cause he paid $168 for a new suit and wanted to get home in time before what looked like it was going to rain hard! and another freind Jason Carey was ticketed for wearing headphones cause his radio didn,t work to listen for weather WARNINGS to see if his softball game was going to be cancelled. How CERTAIN are you that on all three of those stops I mentioned the officer flashed on his lights??? what I DO know is that all 3 persons got citations(Tickets) and were squad cars that stopped em
HelloCustomerand welcome back to JustAnswer.

Based on what you have said, I am 100% certain that these officers flashed their overhead lights to effect the traffic stops you described. Officers in marked patrol cars are required by law and departmental policies to use their lights when making traffic stops. There is no logical reason why these officers would not have done so.

Thanks for asking your question here on JustAnswer. If you have any other questions, please let me know.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When this officer,s radar gun showed a speed of 61 MPH in that 45 MPH zone on Odom,s car in Guflport, would you say he flashed his lights within one MINUTE after discovering Odom,s speed of 61 MPH if not SOONER?? I,m talking about a minute or less.
Hello againCustomer

I would say it is possible, but not likely, that the officer would have turned his lights on within one minute. When an officer is going to make a traffic stop, it is routine for him to have a record check run on the vehicle and the registered owner of the vehicle so that he would know if there were warrants outstanding or other reasons to be concerned for his personal safety. Whether or not that could be done in time for the lights to be turned on within one minute seems unlikely. Within two minutes, probably.

Unless there was a substantial public safety issue with the 61 in a 45, in which case the officer might light up immediately, effect the stop and complete the record check while waiting in his vehicle before approaching the other driver.
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