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Are there any soprano sax experts out there I just purchased

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Are there any soprano sax experts out there? I just purchased a new Cohlert. I can not get
the middle"C" in tune. Will not go above "B" with the mouth piece as far as it will go. All key
possitions are one note off. A solution is worth 20 bucks to me.


The Kohlert Saxophone is a nice instrument. The problem you are facing can not be adjusted with the adjusting the mouthpiece or the embouchure. There are several tuning screws that will need ajusting inorder to get this tuned properly. Many times this happens during shipping. I would suggest taking this in a local music shop and have them do the adjustments for you. They are located in different areas on each maker of instruments. I have not picked up a clarinet or sax in some 40 years, but I do remember having to take my instruments in for screw adjustments and pad replacements on a regular basis. Joan

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Joan,

That is what I suspected. I guess I just needed a second opinion. Will do.